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It gives me a sense of accomplishment knowing that my clients are are getting the results they want. The clients that aren't quiet there yet are more positive and happier, because daily life task are more achievable and a healthier, happier and active lifestyle is taking shape, the future looks to be going in the right direction for them and the end goal is in sight.

Over the last one or two weeks I have see some great results such as:

Sciatica pain gone

Achilles tendinitis gone

Shoulder pain gone

Impingement syndrome gone

Muscular flexibility massively improved

Posture correction improvement

Arthritic discomfort significantly reduced

Theses are just a few issues that i deal with on a daily basis and see great improvement over 1-5 sessions.

Its not just treatment for injuries that gives me that sense of accomplishment but all so helping the athletes i see, i'm not talking about the Mo Farah's but, the crossfiters, footballers, cyclists, social runners, club runners, gym-goer, etc.. that come in for regular maintenance such as massage and treatment for the acute niggles from the demands of exercise. This regular maintenance whether it being weekly, fortnightly or monthly helps them carry on going a searching for personal bests and keeps them doing what they love to do.

This job is like an addiction for me, and what i mean by this is... no two people are the same which means there is't one magic technique or treatment that works for everyone, I am always looking at new methods and skills to widen my tool box so i can offer the most effective treatments, unfortunately for me there is always something to find out in an ever changing and advancing world.

Helping people get the results they want no matter how big or how small is the aim, if it matters to you it needs to be improved, and seeing the results is what makes this job worthwhile doing.

Aims One of Sport & Injury Therapy aims is to make managing your health and well-being convenient and accessible without compromising on quality. So, from just £32 an hour, you can enjoy a range of treatments from an expert therapist at a time to suit you.

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