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Side effects of massage

Massage as we know has many benefits on the human body, but side effects can occur, theses are called contra-actions. If you have any side effects there is usually nothing to worry about, just follow your after-care advice and symptoms last no longer than 24 to 72 hours. If you have any concerns or question contact your therapist.

Contra-actions are not often mentioned during treatments by therapist but it is your right to know what effects treatment can have on you and it is a therapist job to inform you of the possible side effects. If you have ever had treatment at Sport & Injury Therapy, have you noticed the side effects posters? if not contra-actions will have been mentioned to you anyway.

Below is a list possible side affects and a brief explanation.

Muscle Soreness- this is because of the release of toxins, pressure to the muscle fibers and nerves responding to the massage.

Thirst - can be due to the increase of the bodily functions during and after massage,

Tiredness - massage stimulates a lot of bodily responses which can cause tiredness, also the reduction of stress and tension on the body can make you feel relaxed and tiered.

Dizziness- This can be dependent on the area massaged, position during treatment and individual response to treatment and can be due to an increase in blood pressure during treatment.

Erythema - is reddening of the skin this occurs when the skin is stimulated and blood flow is increased to superficial tissues. Heightened emotions - due to release of tension and toxins in the body. Nausea/Headache - due to toxin and lymphatic stimulation, increased circulation, low sugar levels, dehydration, pressure put on the nervous system. Increased bladder/bowel movement - due to stimulation of the lymphatic system or massage to the lower back and abdomen.

Cold/flu like symptoms - due to toxin release and lymphatic stimulation.

Skin Rash/Bruises - can occur occasionally if skin or muscle tissue is sensitive, suffer with allergy's, or hair follicles become aggravated (folliculitis)

It is good to be aware of theses side effects, it might seem like there are a lot, but people who experience side effects generally only experience tiredness or muscular soreness.

Aims One of Sport & Injury Therapy aims is to make managing your health and well-being convenient and accessible without compromising on quality. So, from just £32 an hour, you can enjoy a range of treatments from an expert therapist at a time to suit you. To book visit -

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