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Over Using It?

Over training! Don't do it it's not good for the body.

I see a lot of Injuries, tightness, fatigue muscle pain caused by simply over training and not resting.

When you exercise you sustain tears to your muscles fibers, tendons and bone, theses are only small and it is called micro trauma. This is the soreness you feel the next day or days. To find out how to reduce the risk of injury and speed up recovery keep reading ...

Miro trauma when rested will repair and when it does it repairs stronger so that you can deal with that level of stress more efficiently next time.

If you keep exercising through this repair stage and not rest you are likely to sustain an injury, this is because the micro trauma can not heal and instead worsens making the muscle weaker resulting in a strain, inflammation or worse a tear. This generally happens over a period of time and is called and overuse injury.

Rest is essential to help with recovery and to reduce the risk of over training and injury, its not just exercises that can cause this but also demanding or repetitive jobs.

To help with the speed of recovery consuming protein helps with repair along with massage.

Massage help because it increases the blood flow to the area, increases the nutritional value to the muscles, removes metabolic waste and improve flexibility, all this helps muscles and joints achieve its normal range of movement again and helps reduce discomfort and promotes healing.

Sport & Injury Therapy aims is to make managing your health and well-being convenient and accessible without compromising on quality. So, from just £32 an hour, you can enjoy a range of treatments from an expert therapist at a time to suit you.

To book an appointment at Sport & Injury Therapy or see other ways to get in touch go to -

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